Khayrazad Organization for Social Care is a non-governmental organization with the strong belief in helping those in need, regardless of race, gender, or religious orientations. Most of the organization’s efforts are channeled towards the improvement of the public health sector in Egypt, along with the dedication to helping individuals in dire circumstances whose means cannot support them and/or their families.

The founders of Khayrazad Organization for Social Care first came together as active philanthropists in early October 2006, after a visit to Abou El Reesh University Children’s Hospital in El Mounira, and their realization of the hospital’s urgent need for immediate funding and support. Their initial activities, all financed by their personal donations, consisted of supplying the hospital with essential medical equipment and supplies and meeting many of their other needs.

Recognizing the existence of many other hospitals and medical institutions, with stifled potential, such as Abou El Reesh, in dire need of immediate support, Khayrazad’s founders soon began the process of legalizing the foundation’s status as an official and legally recognized non-governmental organization, and while doing so widened its scope of activities to include other hospitals with urgent needs. Today, Khayrazad covers a wide range of activities and is committed to providing support for several hospitals and medical institutions in a variety of ways, according to their specific needs, along with financing the medical treatment, whether surgical or other, of individual cases who cannot support themselves.

Khayrazad’s greatest asset is that of trust. With the direct and active involvement of its founders and members, the organization is dedicated to constantly search for new and worthy causes, while continuously monitoring all its previous and ongoing donations and projects, to assure themselves and all their supporters that their donations are used most efficiently where they are most urgently and crucially needed.