The founders of Khayrazad Organization for Social Care first came together as active philanthropists in early October 2006, after a visit to Abou El Reesh University Children’s Hospital in El Mounira, and their realization of the hospital’s urgent need for immediate funding and support. Their initial activities, all financed by their personal donations, consisted of supplying the hospital with essential medical equipment and supplies and meeting many of their other needs. Soon after, the founders began the process of legalizing Khayrazad’s status as an official and legally recognized non-governmental organization, and while doing so widened its scope to include other hospitals with urgent needs.
Today, Khayrazad covers a wide range of activities and is committed to providing support for several hospitals and medical institutions in a variety of ways, according to their specific needs:
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Abou El Reesh University Hospital- El Mounira Top
-Khayrazad has founded a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Abou el Reesh University Hospital, which is considered to be the first of its kind, catering to children coming from the farthest ends of the country. It is equipped with state-of-art medical equipment and accommodates up to eight cases.

-Based on visits conducted by members of Khayrazad’s Board of Directors, and in agreement with the hospital’s management, monthly medical and disposable supplies are provided to the hospital’s Pediatric and Neo-natal Intensive Care Units. -In response to their needs, Khayrazad committed to participate in paying the monthly salaries of 30 nurses, as of August 2007, all of whom are hired, trained and managed by the hospital and are dedicated to care for children in both the Pediatric and Neo-natal ICUs. Khayrazad provides their monthly salaries and benefits, and along with agreement with the Hospital Management, offers an annual reward to the best team, as a source of motivation to increase the efficiency and standard of care and services offered to the children.

-In cooperation with the hospital, Khayrazad has also committed to participate in paying the salaries and benefits of 20 janitorial staff members, as of August 2007, hired by the Hospital Management and distributed amongst the two unites financed by the organization, as well as other units at Abou el Reesh.

-Meeting the Hospital Management’s need, fire extinguishing systems and the required supplementary equipment in case of fire were both provided and installed. These were chosen following a detailed financial study of locally available systems conducted by Khayrazad, and based on the health and safety guidelines that are demanded of the hospital.

-In response to the hospital’s need, a member of Khayrazad’s Board of Directors donated a sonogram (G.E. Vivd 3 Pro) including finance for its repairs, spare parts, and maintenance.

-Meeting the Hospital Management’s request, Khayrazad periodically provides the Intensive Care Unit, located on the seventh floor of the hospital, with consumable surgical materials and supplies according to their individual consumption.
El Mounira University Hospital (al Yabani) one of Cairo University’s Hospitals Top
To date, Khayrazad has donated the following:
-Surgical materials for the Open Heart Operating Theaters
-Surgical threads of different specifications, particularly for Open Heart Surgery
-Oxidants needed in the operating theaters
-Spare parts for the fire extinguishing system in the entire hospital
-Change and renovation of main hospital boilers as well as their spare parts
Kasr el Einy and other National Medical Institutions Top
-In response to medical reports submitted by esteemed and renowned doctors, certain medicines, unavailable locally, were imported for cases of rare diseases.
-In addition Khayrazad has also supported the National Cancer Institute by providing necessary materials required for new surgical procedures, along with necessary supplies for the institute’s lab.
-Khayrazad has also provided the National Eye Center with medical lenses, surgical threads and consumables required for surgical procedures, performed free of charge, for 200 patients with limited means.
Other Top
After thorough investigation and appraisal, Khayrazad has sponsored several individual cases in urgent need of surgical and/or medical treatment, intervention and follow up.

The organization has also provided specific national institutions with essential equipment, allowing many individuals to receive the required treatment. For example, Khayrazad has provided the Kidney Center of the Zahraa Islamic Medical Center in Maadi with a kidney dialysis machine.

Khayrazad has also provided financial support to conduct different surgeries in several hospitals. A few of the many cases covered include:

-Heart Institute (Mahad Al Kalb): Khayrazad has financed 3 cases of bypass surgeries and angioplasty procedures.
-Ain Shams al Takhasousy Hospital: Cochlear Implants for a six year old child
-Wadi el Nile Hospital: A patient in need of a kidney transplant and one in need of a liver transplant
-Al Rahmah Hospital: Surgery to repair bone damage and fractures.
-Al Markaz al Tiby al Alamy: Surgery and radiology treatment for a cancer patient.

-In addition to the surgeries, Khayrazad has provided these individuals, along with others, with financial support as well as medical equipment required in the process of recovery.
-The above is a summary of Khayrazad’s accomplishments to date. This is only the beginning; together we can contribute more to our society.