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Heroes Party (May ’08)

On May 30th 2008, the founders of Khayrazad Organization for Social Care, proudly hosted their very first fundraising event, in collaboration with many generous sponsors, all of whom donated their time, money, effort and services to make it all possible. The children’s party was held at a great indoor and outdoor venue, made available at no cost by Le Meridien Pyramids Hotel, and decorated by Alchemy to provide the children with a fun and colorful atmosphere. From noon till around 8:30 pm, children of all ages spent the day with their families and friends, playing outdoors, enjoying the numerous activities and interactive shows available, all while giving back to the community. Greatly dedicated to the party’s “Heroes” theme and slogan, children not only dressed up as their favorite heroes but acted like them too as they eagerly participated in a fun-packed day, specially and purposefully prepared to open their eyes up to the importance of giving back to the community. A special awareness song, written and composed by The Animation team to draw children’s attention to the importance of generosity, was played regularly at the party, along with a short documentary, filmed and directed by BTS, as a contribution to Khayrazad, highlighting the organization’s activities and accomplishments. The day was packed with continuous entertainment, Allam Semsem, provided by Al Karma, The Barney Show, magical clowns, acrobatic dogs and so much more all generously provided by The Party Shop. Setting great examples for their children, adults too participated generously in a prepared tombola with endless gifts donated by sponsors, from free diners, phones, and gift certificates, to jewelry, a free trip and the Grand Prize a new Fiat car. Nicole Saba’s appearance was a highlight for both children and adults as she sang a mix of well known Arabic classics and children’s songs, all along urging everyone to sing along, and welcoming both children and their favorite cartoon characters to join her on stage. Khayrazad is proud to acknowledge the great success of this fun-packed day. To its sponsors, supporters, volunteers and all those who attended, Khayrazad would like to send its greatest and deepest gratitude and appreciation, for without them, this all would have surely been impossible! Partner: Main sponsor: Sponsors:
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Khayrazad Organization for Social Care, a non-governmental organization dedicated to providing medical and social care to children in need throughout Egypt, hosted their second annual Heroes party in collaboration with many generous sponsors. The NGO encouraged children to contribute to their community through dressing up as their favorite heroes while acting like them by bringing their used toys and clothes to donate to less fortunate children as Easter presents. The day was packed with continuous entertainment, including Magic Singh, one of the UK’s finest talents & Balloonatics, the UK’s most extravagant balloon artists sponsored by E – Entertainment and once again, Nicole Saba was the highlight for both children and adults as she sang a mix of well known Arabic & International classics and children’s songs, while The Party Shop generously provided various shows and activities. Adults too were able to share the fun by participating in a raffle supported by gifts from sponsors, with the grand prize presented by Fiat, Omatra.

“Zad El Kheir” Sohour, September 2008
Khayrazad Organization for Social Care hosted a fundraising Sohour party under the name of “Zad El Kheir” at Andrea El Maryouteya on Thursday September 19, 2008. The audience enjoyed the outstanding performance of the famous superstar Sherin with her latest songs in addition to Om Kolthom famous song “Enta Omri”. The Sohour was attended by the elite of the society and public figures where they enjoyed the ramadany delightful atmosphere with the marvelous decoration that was provided by the owner of Andrea Mr. Omar Rateb. Sponsors were very generous with their donations which will be directed to many governmental hospitals such as Abu EL Reesh, National Institution for Tumor and Chest Hospital in Abbaseya in addition to few individual cases. Khayrazad would like to thank all sponsors for their great assistance.
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Four Seasons Sohour, September 2009
Khayrazad Foundation for Social Care continues to support the Egyptian community through another Ramadany night at the “Tagine Tent” of the Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at the First Residence, Giza. This night’s proceeds were dedicated to Abu EL Reesh El Yabani hospital. The sponsors were: Oriental Weavers, Omatra “FIAT”, Esperanza Abou EL Foutouh, Coca Cola, The Orientals for Urban Development, KIA, Americana and Al Rashidy EL Mezan. The audience enjoyed the lavish Sohour along with the singing of the super stars Sherine and Ahmed Adaweya.

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Individual Supporters
There have also been many generous individuals who have supported Khayrazad by donating their time, money, services and donations in kind, who prefer to remain anonymous. To them and to all other supporters, Khayrazad sends out its deepest and most heart felt gratitude and may God be as generous to you as you have been to us and to your community.

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